Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Well lets see. The weekend came and gone. I didn't get anything done. Instead we went fishing Saturday morning and then that afternoon we went to Tulsa and did some shopping. The good thing though. Derek's dad called to see if we got them painted for he could come finish the room and we said no. So he is coming over this Friday to paint them and put them up. ha I guess he is tired of waiting on us. So if all goes well Ty's room will be done. Then I can start to set everything up. I can't wait. We got Ty's pack and play this weekend and got it set up. That thing took us awhile to set up. So this weekend we are going to drag out his travel system and see just how hard and long that will take us to get set It's great watching Derek try and figure it all out. So little by little we are checking things off the list. It's really starting to hit me that there isn't much longer.

This week has been long already. I had to go do laundry at the laundry mat yesterday because that was one of the things I didn't do on the weekend at home. Dumb me never again. Oh well live and learn. So everything here is flood from the rain. And it is supposed to rain the rest of the week. So if that is the case Derek will be off. Other then that not much has went on. Have a good week and try to stay dry.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Beautiful Week

It has been such a nice week. I went and cleaned the SUV. Talk about a job. I think that will be the last time for me this year. ha Then another day I went and got the oil changed on the SUV. Yesterday was 90 degrees. So I was only out for a little while. Then in the evenings it has been warm enough to walk so we have been doing that after dinner.

I haven't got a phone call from the Dr. nor have I called. I just figure if the test had come out bad I would have had a phone call. So I will just wait it out till I go in next week. Other then that things seem to be going good. I feel good other then the constant back pains. Ty seems to kick harder each day. I Love that little boy so much. In other things we are now on a car hunt. We are in need of a second car very bad and fast. We have one in mind it's just if we can get it. So we shall see what happens. If you think about please say a prayer that it will work out if it's the lords will.

We will be back on the road to Oklahoma tomorrow. I hope somehow we can get the trim and base boards painted this weekend. Everything was moving along fast and then it just seemed to be a dead stop. I am so ready for Ty's room to be done and set up. I have started to make a list of things that we need for him and that needs to be done and wow is it long. Well have a great weekend.

Monday, April 20, 2009

No News Yet

Well I went in Friday to take the test. Let me tell ya. It was the worst thing ever. So I didn't know exactly what they did for the test when I went in. Well know I do. You have to drink this HUGE bottle of stuff. Which is so gross! Then get your blood taken a total of four times. Unless your me then it's five times. Because on the fourth time I had no blood left in me to give so they had to try in another spot. My arms look so bad. Well with all that had to be done not eating was another part of it. So when I was done around 1:30pm I was beyound ready for food. So we are off to go eat. Well Derek wanted to try a new place so we went. To make a long story short Derek got to eat and I didn't. They messed my order up then sent out uncooked food and then I was just done with it all. I got so upset because lets face it a pregnent women with no food and no blood left in her body is not good. So we ended up getting the whole meal free and left. I did get to go to the mall and eat yummy chinesse food. But boy was it a day. The rest of the weekend is like a blur. So that brings us to today. I have waited all morning for the Dr. to call but nothing yet. So I don't know if they have got the results in yet or not. If I havent heard anything by Wednesday I will call them and see what is going on. Well I am in Kansas this week. It's good to be back with my hubby. Even though I had a good crazy week in Oklahoma. As you all know and have read on Heather's blog I'm sure. Well till later this week bye.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bad News Bears

So it is never good to get woke up in the morning with a bad phone call. Yesterday I had to go and and take the glucose test. Which was not fun. Well they called me up first thing this morning saying my levels are high and I need to go back in for a more intense test. Not to mention I am low in iron and need to fix that as well. So now I have to go in for a three hour test and get more blood taken. I knew this was going to be somewhat of an issue with my family history and all but it still is hard to take in. So if you could please pray for me that would be great. So with all that said Derek will be on the road tonight when he gets off of work to go with me tomorrow for the test. Other then that the week was going good. The weather has been so nice for a change. That I have spent some time outside and have even got a little tan. Well that wraps things up around here. When I get results back I will be sure and update you all.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Well the weekend came and left way to fast. We got in Friday evening just in time to go eat and do some shopping. We spent all Saturday at Heather and Aaron's. Colored Easter eggs and then had a big cook out with the family. So I hope everyone had a good Easter. Ours was good. Even though it rained cats and dogs all day. We had a real good sunrise service then after service was over we went home and took a nap. After we got up Derek gave Ty his Easter basket. I know we are crazy but we couldn't not put a little something together for him. We did after all get him something for Christmas too. This little one is way to spoiled already. In other things I am in OK this week and Derek is in KS hanging out. I say hanging out because it is to muddy to work so he is off. It is going to be a long week for him and me both. I always hate being away from him. So here is a pic of how huge I am getting. I am now 24 weeks. A little over half way. Well that's about it for now.

Friday, April 10, 2009

It's Friday

I thought this day would never come. This has been a long lonely week. As I was so happy to get to a normal life again but after one day of it I was ready for people again. A week of spending 6:20am to around 7:30pm by yourself in a little motel room is not much fun. All though Ty does a good job at keeping me company. I have got to see kick threw my shirt. And I get to talk to him threw out the day when he is up. Which seems like a lot. Which makes me happy. He is going threw this thing where he will be kicking and when Derek goes to feel he will stop. Then Derek will no longer move his hand off and there is Ty kicking again. It makes me laugh. I will be staying in Oklahoma this next week because I have to go take a glucose test and get blood work. So I hope everything goes well. Derek will be all alone this next week in Kansas. Well I better get off here before Derek gets off early and I have nothing done. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and a Great Easter. As far as I know when we left they where planning a sunrise service so anybody that wants to swing by Pryor for it is more then welcome 6:30am.

Blessed Easter
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Monday, April 6, 2009

Well we are back to a normal life once again. And it is kind of nice. So what have I been up to. My Mom, her husband, and his kids came and stayed at our house for a week. While here he worked on the house and mom got the nursery all painted. Then we spent the rest of the week doing who knows what. Then they ended up getting snowed in a couple days extra. So while snowed in they ended up helping redo the wood floors being we had that scheduled in the day after they where to leave. Talk about a full house. So now all that is left to do is get the trim and base board up on the baby's room. Derek also ended up getting snowed in and was off all last week. So we just stayed around the house and cleaned and visited with the family. It was a nice week. We had youth convention over the weekend and it was very good. So that was short and sweet update. Or at least I hope. So I have pictures but want to wait until we get the trim and base board up for you can get the whole look.

So in baby news. We know what we are having. It's a Boy! He already has shown his personality just threw the ultrasound. As crazy as that sounds. He moves around like crazy. Derek finally got to feel him move a couple of weeks ago. He was so happy. Everything is going good and healthy for the pregnancy. I can say I had one good month of pregnancy and it was so nice. Because now I am fighting back pain. It is so bad I would rather trade it for morning sickness. If you can believe that. These days I am looking huge. You now it's bad when strangers ask if your about to pop! And then when others ask your due date and are like OH really I thought it was May or June not August. But the thing is I am just now at the weight I started the pregnancy at. Crazy yes I know. Well talking about weight. It is time for lunch.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Still Kicking

Just wanted to post real quick. I am alive and going. Keeping real busy. That is for sure. I will give details and pictures after the weekend is over and I get back to a normal going life.