Friday, January 15, 2010

Good Ole Days!

So I remember back when I had Tyler. We came home and he got on a schedule right away eating at 2am and again at 6am for the first few weeks. Two times a night not to bad. I could handle that. Then he hit a month old and would sleep all threw the night. Now as he is almost six months old he has took a turn for the worst. He wants to eat at 12 then at 2 then at 4!?!?! Oh and just be up from 3 to 3:45 or 4. So what am I to do. I get to try and brake him of it. But it brakes my heart to hear him cry knowing if I just nurse him it will stop him for crying till the next time he is up. It's a bad deal. I haven't started the process yet but when I do oh boy! With all that though I love him so much. Tyler is getting so close to rolling over. And can sit pretty good on his own. He also has started a fake cough. Which is soo cute and cracks me up. In other news we did not get moved to Hays after all. An answered prayer if you ask me. No packing, moving, or finding another place to live.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fast Post

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a good new year. Ours was a bummer. Derek got called out on storm a week before Christmas. We thought he would be back in time but wasn't. So he spent Christmas in Iowa working 16 plus hours in the freezing cold. With a bunch of rough linemen. So he missed Tyler's first Christmas=( But he did make it home two days before New Years. So we got to spend that time together. I had a good time playing games and visiting the family for two weeks.

Tyler is getting bigger and bigger. He loves his jumper roo. He is now eating all the baby foods. He drinks threw a straw and likes Pepsi. He is still trying to get a tooth threw. I feel so sorry for him. He is having such a hard time with it. He goes to sleep on his own with his blanket and plug.

Well we are getting moved from Larned,Ks after a year and two months. We will be going to Hays,KS. Which I'm not a fan of. It will be a 6 hour drive home. But Derek thinks we should be done by March or April. So we shall see. I hate moving and trying to find another place that is a month to month lease for a good price, that isn't gross. I have some new pics on facebook. Blogger don't ever let me load them.