Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Ours all started Friday. My dad and I left Colorado on Friday to go to Kansas and pick Derek up. We got a late start and didn't end up leaving till 3 pm. We drove to springs to find it snowing hard. Made it threw springs to drive in a full on white out blizzard! For three hours moving 30 mph. So we ended up getting to KS at 1:30am. When we should have been there at 6pm. So we decided to sleep for a hour or two. Then got back on the road at 4am. We hit bad weather to OK the whole way. Talk about two long days.

Any way we stood to days in OK. One in which was spent in Tulsa trying to start are Christmas shopping. We ended up getting our Christmas stuff out and setting up our tree two days before Christmas funny I know but I couldn't not do it. Then one evening us and Kylie and Josh went to Heather and Aaron's and ate and watched Christmas movies all night long. We all camped out in there living room. Christmas Eve we all got together ate finger foods and opened presents. We ate dinner with the family on Christmas and left out Christmas day to come back to KS to work. Thus where in KS right now. I am tired of being here. But I think it is almost over. Being at this location that is. Next place we go is up in the air.

Ans to top it all off I got sick in CO and have been blah. I don't think I am ever going to feel better. I was really bummed about having to leave on Christmas day. I hate traveling these days. We have put so many miles on the SUV in the past three months. It is going to die on us before summer ever gets here. Well that is it for now. Here is just a couple of pictures of the weekend. My memory on my camera is completely full. I would have took more but couldn't. I need to take it in but talk about some money.

Friday, December 14, 2007

A Week!

Happy Friday. Well a lot has happen this past week. Derek came home Monday night and said he had to pack his bags and leave the next morning to go work on all the power outages. (three states are in a state of emergency) So we got his stuff all together. So then I was trying to figure out what I was doing. So I called my mom up then my dad and decided I was headed to Colorado. Being that I couldn't go to Oklahoma because everyone has been out of power there since Sunday and still is. And the roads being so bad going that way.

Tuesday I was to leave and head to Colorado but the weather was still to bad. So I had to stay. The power in the town we were went off. I was at the motel all day without it. Talk about lots of fun. Being how ever many miles from home in a town by myself were I know nobody. It finally came back on that night. Derek at that time called me and up dated me and said he was working in a town 25 min from the town I was and they were staying at that motel. So I didn't have to stay by myself that night.

Wednesday I got up at four. Got Derek off to work. Packed up the car and left to Colorado. It was a long drive. The roads were all snow packed and icy, so you couldn't go full speed. But I got to Colorado. Where I am staying at my grandmas. I got to visit with a lot all ready.

I talked to Derek last night which was Thursday. He said they may be working threw Christmas if everyone isn't back up. Please be praying for him. He is working in freezing cold temperatures with little sleep. Which is very dangerous in that type of work. He is working 18 hour days with 6 hours of sleep. I don't even know if that's legal. But please remember him. Well that's it for know. Have a great weekend.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Stand By

That's right Derek got off work came in told me he is on stand by. Right know there is a big ice storm in Iowa. So if he gets the call he is gone. So I will either have to stay in Kansas by myself or drive home or to Colorado. Which is scary because the roads in either direction are icy. The life of a lineman. Blah. It's freezing rain out here. Derek only worked half a day because of the rain and temperatures being unbearable. It's down right cold out. I thought the past days had been cold. They weren't nothing. So I am down in the lobby doing laundry just in case he has to go. Drinking some Pumpkin Spice Cappuccino trying to stay warm. Looking outside homesick to be in Oklahoma. Can you believe I want to be there. Mark it down. I think that is the first time since I moved there that I want to be there and miss it. This end of the world stuff isn't for this girl.

On a totally different subject. Is it bad when your husband wakes you up in the middle of the night and tells you to stop griping at him. I guess I was dreaming and was griping in my sleep. So he was shaking me and telling me to wake up. I get up and look at him like he is crazy. I was like what are you doing. So he tells me. It tickled me so bad. I couldn't go to sleep for nothing after that. It is so werid because I never dream. I must have been in a deep sleep. Well take care. Stay warm. Have a good weekend.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Baby It's Cold Outside

That's right it is down right cold outside. Yesterday it snowed all day long. And today snow. We can't get enough of it. Good thing Derek and I like it. Bad thing is with Derek's job they don't work in rain, snow, or any other extreme weather. So Derek was off yesterday. Which means no pay. It is for casted to snow for the next five days. So it's kind of a bad deal. If Derek don't get some work he has talked about going to the union and getting moved. He is talking about wanting to go to Texas or Arizona. So we will see what happens the next few days.

We tried to do some shopping yesterday at some local stores down town since Derek was off. That didn't work out for us. I don't know how people do it. Or how they make any money. We went to a coffee shop. It was cute but they didn't know how to make any specialty coffee's. They said they did but it was not good. But it's a small town what can you say. At least they try i guess. We did find a little movie rental store. So we went in and told them about us being here and to see if we could rent some movies and they said yes. So we got a couple of movies and spent the evening watching them.

Other news. I got a slow cooker the other night. We can't stand eating out any more. I never really have used one before. So it has been interesting. Nor have I ever really cooked anything in the microwave besides a potato. It goes against everything my mom ever taught me about cooking. But it has worked out ok. The only thing is I have to leave the window open because smelling it that much makes me sick. Can't imagine what everyone thinks when they walk by our room. We also have put up a mini Christmas tree. It's sad but what can you do. We have tried to make it as much like home as one can.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Okay it is freezing out. I am curled up under a blanket. Last night are heater in are room went out. So we bundled up and waited till today to go down and tell them. So I got to pack up all are stuff and move rooms today. And to top it off today is laundry day. Yup that's right waiting hours upon hours for one washer and dryer. To have somebodies under garments fall out on to the floor. I hate it. This job has been great to us but it comes with so many downs. And your life can change in a blink of an eye.

So we got word yesterday that Derek will be working weekends till Christmas. So we don't get to go home till I think it's two days before Christmas maybe that is. If Derek don't have to go to Oregon and Washington for the big storms. His boss mentioned something about it yesterday. I know he would love to go on a storm break as they call it. But I would not be able to go with him. So I wouldn't know if he would be back by Christmas or not:( I know I would be sad but if he was able to help so many people that lost everything and give them power I would rather him be able to do that. Those people have lost so much and right around the holidays. I knew what we getting into with this job and it was a matter of before something like this was going to come up.

It is going to be fun trying to do Christmas shopping. This town has no stores. We may be able to go to Topeka and do some shopping one weekend but it will be kind of hard. We will have to spread out to do are shopping for each other. Then get it wrapped there or something. Not like there is hiding places in a small motel room. I'm going to miss shopping with Heather this year. I hate going by myself. It is always great to have an opinion of another. Till next time take care

Monday, December 3, 2007

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. We had a good one. I got to go home. Yup that's right I got to spend one whole night plus a have of one at home. We got in late Friday night so that being the half night. Saturday we got up and went to Gram and Pops. We hung out there. Played some hand foot. Then later that day we went to Tulsa and meet up with Heather,Aaron,Ashton,Kylie,and Josh. We went and looked at Christmas lights. It was a lot of fun. We took a ton of pictures. But here is a few.