Wednesday, October 28, 2009


So maybe I have learned to balance my time right. And are back on track. This month has been so none stop it's crazy. And the months to come seem just as busy. With making plans for holidays and church activities there is no time. But oh well I wouldn't really know what to do otherwise. Tyler is getting bigger and bigger. He is now 3 months old. It just seems like yesterday I was having him. Time goes by way to fast. It makes me sad to see him growing up so much. He is now teething none stop it seems. And wants to stand up 24/7 and loves taking baths. He grabs whatever is in his reach. And for the first time the other day he sat in a high chair *tear*. Oh and best of all he sleeps all night long. Well thats it for now.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Hello bloggers. That is if anyone still comes by my blog. I have been real bad with keeping up. But what can ya do. Life has been busy. We are always on the go. We had a great weekend trip to Colorado. We got to visit with almost everyone. Went to the Colorado Springs Zoo, Ty's first time! Then we have been up in Kansas. Where Derek didn't work a whole week because of the weather. Then to Topeka Kansas for Derek's class. We also took Ty to another zoo in Great Bend. Which he loved. He stood awake the whole time. He loves to be outside and will stay up forever. Then to Oklahoma. Then back to Kansas. The joys of working away from home. Other then that we are all doing good. Ty is starting to do a lot more, and shocks us everyday. And of course is growing. I have a bunch of up to date pictures on facebook of him for those who would like to see him. Blogger never lets me post pics. Well I got lots to do and limited time to do it all in.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Almost A Month

Wow I can not believe it has been that long since I have posted. I guess it's hard to find time to these days. I have set down to blog a few times but have had to save them and forgot to go back to them when I was done tending to Ty. Well to catch up from what we have been doing lets see. Been in Kansas working. We had Ty dedicated. Ty got a cold a couple of weeks ago but is doing better. He has a smile on his face most of the time. And is growing and growing. He had his two month check up on Tuesday. And got shots. The worst thing every I must say. He now weighs 12 lbs, 7.5 oz. and 23 inches. It was are first time to stay in Oklahoma without Derek, and well it didn't go very well. I guess Ty missed his daddy and his routine and was pretty fussy while there. We are now in Kansas and he couldn't be more happy. He is sleeping about six hours straight at night now well most nights. Ty went to his first college football game and loved it. He really likes to be outside as well. We went for a walk the other day and he just looked all around. And other then that life is great. We will be going out to Colorado this weekend for a quick visit.