Thursday, June 16, 2011


A vacation. It seems like everybody I know has gone or is going on vacation. Even if it's a mini one. ALL my family in CO is going on a family camping trip today threw sometime next week up in the mountains. And I am super sad that I am not getting to go. There is nothing like a vacation and all you close family.  The other half of my friends are on some beach.  Then there is others going on weekend vacations. I am super bummed. I have no vacation or mini in my furture. We have alway squeezed one in at least once a year. But this year isn't looking good.  Instead it's Tyler and me alone all day until Derek comes dragging in from work late at night.  I am one sad girl about this. I hope we can squeeze something little in the fall if nothing else. But I'm not getting my hopes up for that. Well I'm done whining now. Or at least I think.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


To potty training. It is almost five and I am wore out. Potty training is tough stuff. We have only had two accidents today. So I think that is pretty good. We have had success the rest of the time. I had started training a couple weeks back. But had to put it on hold due to traveling and moving. But now we have a place and are settled in. So let the training start. I hope he takes right up to it and makes it easy on me. LOL Everything else I have done he has. So why can't this?   We are moved in to our new place. It's really pretty nice. Tons of room for Tyler to play. And I'm blogging. The land lord has free WIFI to all her renters. How awesome is that?! I was thrilled to death.  Because I wouldn't have had Internet otherwise. Because we are literally out in the middle of no where. But it is very pretty. I never knew Oklahoma was this pretty. Plus we are only 8 miles from the lake. Which the locals say  they are really catching catfish right now. So we will be loading up the poles and trying it out. Who knows we may end up bringing the boat up here and staying here weekends to. Nah I am still a city girl. I would end up going crazy out here.

Monday, June 13, 2011


Okay so we are gonna end up staying in the smallest town ever after all. I couldn't find any place to stay in Hugo. We got this packed up and are on the road now to move into are new home for the next 4plus months. It's a bit scary though we are moving into this place with out even seeing it! The lady said it is a brand new never been lived in 3 bedroom fully finished trailer. So we shall see when we get there this evening. The town is so small I hope I have phone service. I would really like internet to but I don't have high hopes for that. So if thats the case I will be cut off from the world till weekends when we go back home. And I'm kind of freaking out about that. Internet is a must for me. Anyway back to the whole house thing. I have spent weeks calling and trying to find a place and had no luck until this. So we felt we really needed to jump on it. The town we are going to be living in doesnt even have a walmart. I'm not even sure they have any fast food or eating places. I will have to be driving a distance to walmart. But Tyler will have plenty of play space. I'm bout to loose phone service now so I need to wrap this up. Just hope I get it back. 3G is a beautiful thing.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wrapping Up

Are time in Texas. Derek is almost done with his job.  It has been a good few months.  But I am looking forward to being only 2 1/2 hours from home instead of 7 plus hours.  But we will be back in Texas in the fall I think. Got to use are Sea World passes. Moving onto Tyler. That kid is out of control. He has no fear. I have been taking him to the pool and he is a natural water dog. He LOVES it. He would stay out there 24/7 if I let him. He is also very very nicely tan. I am very jealous! I got a nice sunburn from it all. And with swimming he has burnt out so much energy and has been sleeping great. I think I found the key. We have also introduce potty training. He has done pretty good with it so far. But had a set back when we came to Texas. We either left his potty seat or lost it on the way down. We are not to sure. I hope it's at home otherwise thats 30 bucks gone. My goal was to have him trained before youth camp but I don't see that happening. That's less then 20 days and Derek wont be able to help much with it due to having to study.  Well if I'm not on it's cause I'm busy moving, packing and helping Derek get ready for Youth Camp.