Monday, June 29, 2009

Yard Sale Blues

So with the title you can guess right. We did not do good at the yard sale. It was a joke and not worth the time. It was so hot out that nobody was out and about. So we are going to have another one come September when it isn't as hot and I am not out there pregnant. Derek is in Kansas working and I am in Oklahoma=( The start to a month and some weeks apart. I am already sad and miss him so much. Lucky he has a short week this week and will be home Thursday night for a three day weekend. I go to the Dr on Wed. Then I think I will start my weekly check ups with him. It is getting close. My big long list of things that I needed for TY is now down to about 8 things. Which I thought would never happen. I hope to complete the list in the next two weeks. That's about it for around here. Have a great week.

Friday, June 26, 2009

4 Weeks & Rent House

Well for whatever reason I did see that blogger wouldn't let anyone comment. This crazy site. It also took me forever to put up those pictures. It must have been one of those days. Anyways. We got a Rent House! It is really nice. I was shocked when we went to look at it. It is a two bedroom new carpet and nice size kitchen and what not. And it is month to month and the rent is way cheaper then what we have been paying in motel. And ten times the size. The only sad thing is I wont get to stay in it for awhile. Because this trip to Kansas was the absolute last time for this pregnancy. I know that there is those that are thinking yeah But it really is. I got around 4 weeks left before this little one is in my arms! So in the mean time daddy will get it all set up for us. So as soon as we can travel we will be set. I am so happy that it is working out. That's about it for me I got to get this motel room packed up for the last time! I got a busy weekend coming up. We are having a yard sale. So I hope it wont be to terribly hot. Have a great weekend.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Past Few Days And Pics

So lets see. What has been going on. We spent the last week in Oklahoma. Getting house work done. I had a list a mile long and got everything done but two things. We was able to go fishing a couple of days. But couldn't stay out to long because the heat was way to much. I had another Dr. appointment and everything is going right along. I start my two week visits now. Then one week then baby time! This week is my last week to travel with my hubby before TY comes. I am not ready to be separated from him for around two months. It kills me to think about. But there isn't anything I can do. Also my baby shower was over the weekend. Vicky,Heather,and Gram did it for us. It was so cute! Thank You very much. Well that about sums up what we have been up to. Here is a few pics. Here I am at a whoppin 34 weeks. Ready to pop as some have been telling me.
Here is TY's room with wall decor and his blinds finally up. I say finally because we ran into problems with them and had to do so customizing. And also his changing table we had to order twice because the first one was broke.
Here is a couple from the baby shower. This boy is only going to know jungle.
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Monday, June 8, 2009

People Are So DUMB & Make Me SICK!

So you are thinking what is going on. Let me explain the best I can. Today I went into town to do my weekly shopping. All goes well in the store. So as I am going to my car to put the bags up and leave, I notice a little kid in the parking lot just walking around. So I start to look to see if somebody is around. As this old couple next to me is putting things in there car but looking around thinking the same as me. It becomes clear that this child is by it's self. I am talking a 1 and 1/2 or 2 year old child. So the couple and me are talking and I go get the child and they go in and get a Walmart manager. The manager comes out and we look to see if anyone may be looking for a child and then go inside and page if anyone is missing one. Nobody comes up so then the police come and asked questions and what not. This little guy was so scared and didn't know anyone but seemed calm with me so when the cops took him from me he started to scream and cry. My heart was already broke that he was alone. And couldn't even Begin to understand how anybody could just drop there child off at a store and leave. So the pain and emotions was already running high and well being pregnant didn't help any. I asked the cops to wait for me to run back and get him some cloths and shoes because all he had on was a shirt and dipper. When I got back up there the manager said don't worry about paying for them its taken care of and if there was anything else I could think of that he might need to go get it and maybe a toy would help as well. Then once all the information was down and I was getting ready to leave the manager gave me a hug and asked if I was going to be all right and if I needed anything. We stood talking for a bit and both just couldn't believe someone would do that. When I got to the car I just begin to cry then all the way to the motel and then sat and cried an hour or so later. I still can't believe what happen. My heart is broken for this little child so helpless and alone. I just pray he will get a good home and not remember this and also pray for the parents because well they need Jesus!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Rent House Or Apartment?

As if our life wasn't crazy enough and beyond busy. We are now looking for a place to live. Where you may be thinking. Larned, Kansas. We have now gave in that there is no hope in us getting moved. Not for awhile any way. So staying in motel is becoming a bit much for us after eight months. And it just will not work for us once Ty is here. So we are looking for a place. We don't now if we want a rent house or apartment. Or just whatever is the best deal. I found somebody that is willing to do a 3 month lease then after that month to month. But we are not sure if we want to do that. We would really just like to do month to month just in case a move comes up. So who knows the fun never stops.

This week has went by fast. I got everything done Monday and Tuesday. I wouldn't of had my hubby not got rained out and went to do laundry with me. Love those type of days. We even was able to rent a movie and sit and watch it. It was nice for a change. Oh and best of all the rain brought in a cool front. In fact it was so cool I was a bit chilly. You can never please me. ha I think I am finally starting to get over this cold or I'm learning to deal with it anyway. Other then that has been my week thus far.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Still Sick

Well last week was blah, no sleep, way to hot and to much traveling! I still have this cold or sinus thing going on. And the past four or five mornings I have had no voice until the afternoon and even then sounds like I have a frog in me. So none the less it hasn't been the best. This weekend we visited with the fam and did a few things. We also picked up the changing table we ordered. Got it home to put together and it was broke. So when we took it back they gave us are money back and said we would have to reorder it again and have them send it again. That didn't make me to happy. But what can ya do. The two seconds it was there it looked and matched really good with his crib so I guess that is a plus. I think it is safe to say summer is here. It has been in the mid 90's for the past week and it doesn't seem to be cooling down any. And the bad thing is I have to get out in the heat a few times this week. I got to do grocery shopping today. Get the oil changed at some time and also I have to go to the laundry mat which is the real bad one. Because they don't have AC in the place. Well I need to get moving. It ain't getting any cooler out.