Monday, June 30, 2008

Weekend Fun

Well day of fun. Derek only had one day off. So we went fishing. I put a ton of sun block on and didn't get burned. Which I was very happy and thankful for. We are just becoming the fishers now days. Here is a couple pics.

Well this week should go by fast Derek only has 3 working days. Then we get to go to Oklahoma finally. And for five whole days. I am so excited. Well got to get to folding laundry.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Yep I got second degree burns from this weekends adventure. We went fishing all day Monday. I put sun block on my ears and face first thing in the morning. But I wanted to get a little sun before I put it on my arms. Well that was a bad idea. I put sun block on three times on my face and the one time on my arms and none on my legs. And well I got the second degree burn on my arms. Really bad deal I must say. I have been in so much pain and can hardly move my arms around. But I had a fun time. I caught my first catfish ever. And it was the biggest of the day till the very last 20 min we were there. Then Derek caught a bigger one. I had never been catfishing just trout so it was a bit different. Then I got hooked by Derek and that hurt. He had got snagged up and was pulling on the line when it broke free and went flying into my arm first the hook then the weight came flying into my arm after. We grilled steaks and potatoes and corn on the cob at the lake. It was very good.

So we took our Suv back into the shop. And we have yet another rental. We went into today and found out that they are wanting to charge us over $300.00 to fix what should have been done the first time. But the guy we were working with had already went home so we are waiting till tomorrow to talk with him. And to tell him he is crazy if he thinks we are paying that for there mess up. So who knows. It is very stressful and aggravating. I don't know why people are always trying to rip a person off. I just hope it all works out. Well I got to get some other things done.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Is It Legal?

Is there a law that says you can only work so many hours without sleep? There should be if there is not. It is so stupid to work anyone for more then 18 hours straight without sleep. But to work someone for 32 hours straight with no sleep and still working them? Especially when the they are working with high voltage. It makes no sense to me. What makes less sense is why my husband just hasn't said enough is enough I am going home! Okay sorry about the venting

On to other things. We finally got our Suv back. After two long weeks. It was well missed. I tucked it in last nite I was so happy. But that didn't last but a day. They didn't fix the brake problem. We have to take it back. I am so mad about it. We told them the problem and they said it was something else and fixed what "they" thought was it. Now I get to go back and say remember what we said was wrong and is written in the paper work and you did what you wanted anyway. It still is not fixed. It is going to be a bigger issue if they say we are going to have to pay again for it, I'm going to have to say I don't think so scooter. Let me talk to a manager. Well I just thought I was done venting.

So hopefully I can be brighter now. I have started to decorate the apartment. Crazy I know. Being we can move at any time and I have got all this stuff. But I hated looking at nothing on the walls. So little by little I have started to add things to make it feel more like home and more settled. It is coming along I must say. Well it is pretty lenghty so I will wrap it up. And post about are weekend tomorrow. good nite

Monday, June 16, 2008


That's right. Our Suv is still in the shop. What was to be just over the weekend has turned into weeks. But it isn't to bad I don't guess. We have saved on the miles we put on the suv, and we have saved a ton in gas driving this car. I went to Colorado to surprise everyone since Derek was on storm and only spent 80 dollars total in gas there and back. So we are now on the look out for a new car. I didn't think we spent that much more with the suv but I was wrong.
I got this pick in an email and thought it was cute


When I went to Colorado I made Mom and Dad both cry when I knocked on there doors. I told Dad happy early Father's Day and Birthday. They were so happy and couldn't believe I was standing there. I had a good time. Short but good. Poor Derek was off working like normal. The weather has been so crazy. I hate it. While I was gone three tornado's hit down all in a ten mile radius from our apartment. I was so thankful I wasn't there nor Derek. I don't think I can handle any more close encounters with stuff like that by myself. I freak out. I'm not used to it.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Well the Suv is still in the shop. They called us yesterday to tell us what was wrong with the brakes. And for us to say they can fix them. The brakes on the back were bad. It wasn't under warranty:( But what can you do. We have been stuck with the rental since Friday. And I hate it. It's a cheap car that drives horrible. We had to pull over in the rain because it keep hydroplainning. I can't wait till we get ours back.

Over the weekend we had a yard sale. We sold our sofa and love seat. I made enough on it to almost by one of the set I want. So I was real happy but yet sad. It was the first set we got as a married couple. It started our marriage with us. Tear. Okay moving on. Not much else has been going on. Just the same ole thing. Derek has still been working overtime.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


So I got my bed. It is huge. I got a great nights sleep. The best I have had in months. Everything was going great today. Till around 5:30. Last night we noticed our brakes was kind of funny but just thought it was the wet roads. Well it got worse. So I told Derek to take it by Ford. And in the midst of going there he gets rear ended. Talk about stressing a person out. Two problems back to back. ugh They can't get our Suv in till Friday. So we just have to wait and pray the brakes don't got out till then. When we take it in on Friday we will get the estimated cost of damage on the body of the Suv. I am just glad that nobody was hurt. The lady's car on the other hand was very bad. The good thing is we don't have to pay anything from the wreck. They are even paying for the rental car. We just have to wait and see how much they charge for the brake problem. Got to fold laundry. I'll update as soon as I find more out.