Monday, July 13, 2009

False Alarm, Heat, 20 Days To GO!

Where to start. Okay the heat has been absolutely crazy hot. I'm not a big fan of it these days. And yet I was out in it all weekend. I am so dumb! Saturday we decide to go look at a truck we had seen in town. So we were out looking at that for hours it seemed. Well we didn't even go expecting to buy or anything like that but some how we might be doing that. The dealer ship let Derek take it to Kansas for the week to see how he likes it. Of course Derek is in love with it. And I must say it is a nice looking truck. So we shall see what happens this weekend with it. Then that night knowing it was well over a 100 out we went to the drillers baseball game. That was a rough one. Not the best idea when you are ready to POP! But we had a good time over all.

Now the false alarm. I don't know what the deal was last night but I woke up two in the morning with a weird pain. And the pains lasted off and on till five in the morning. I guess it's the start of false labor but I'm really not a fan of it. And I'm sure the people I woke up is not a fan of it either. I really don't want to just go into labor. I would rather it be planned. It is less stressful then trying to guess if I'm in real labor or not. And do I need to call the Dr or not. Or go to the hospital or not. I don't like it. Well that's about it.

Monday, July 6, 2009

36 Weeks And 27 Days To Go!

And the count down has began. We now have everything we can think for this boy. His room is complete. All we are doing now is waiting on him. Derek can't hardly wait. And is always asking if I am having contractions or if I think I am in labor. Derek has already put the base in the SUV and has packed Ty's diaper bag. We are both praying he will come when Derek is home or on his way home. It has been so hard on the both of us being apart. Last week when he left I was tore up and had a hard time dealing with it. This week was his turn. I couldn't stand hearing him sad and just wanting to come home. Asking me if I could think of any other way to do things for he can be here. It is so tough but it is the only thing we can do.

So in other things. Hope everyone had a good weekend. We did shopping in Tulsa on Friday. Then did somethings to the house and just hung out. We got together with the family for the 4Th, went swimming, watched fireworks and of course ate way to much. Then that was about it. Now it's Monday and not much is going on. I will be watching Ashton for the next few weeks so something fun and interesting should come out of that. Well have a good week!

Saturday, July 4, 2009