Thursday, March 27, 2008

This Is Me!

That's right. It has started. I'm like to die. And it just started on Monday. I have always had allergies but they have never been this bad. I wake myself up at night from sneezing. It's bad. I thought Oklahoma was bad last year. Oklahoma don't have anything on Kansas.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tuesday Already

It seem's like the weekend flew by. We had a busy weekend. On Saturday we got up and started working on the house. Derek got the front yard mowed. We have been neeeding to trim our tree in the front yard since the first year we lived there. And all the icestorms had taken a toll on it. So that was a big project. It took a 16 foot trailer to haul all the brush and other stuff off. We had planned on grilling at the park at 5 but it took longer then we thought so we got to the park around 7:30 and didn't eat till 8:45. But it was fun and good. Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.


Friday, March 21, 2008

Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter and weekend

Easter Pig
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Monday, March 17, 2008

Laundry Mishap!

That's right mishap. So we walked into the laundry mat go to are usual spot and start to do it. We have got a routine of what each of us do. Derek gets the change I get every thing out and ready to go. I put the quaters in and soap he puts the cloths in. Doesn't seem to hard right. We took a comforter in this time as well so Derek went to put the comferter in one of those really big washers. All is going good. Rise cycle comes around. I go put softener in like I always do. Just to find that in one of the washers is a whole lot of soap suds. I was like something isn't right. I call Derek over there to show him and he's like and? It turned out he or I not sure which put laundry soap in a second time with out there other knowing. So these cloths had so much soap in them it wouldn't rise out. So I said we are just going to have to run it again. The second time around still full of soap. So I was like great its 11:40pm already. But I couldn't just dry them with all that soap still in them. Thrid time we switched washers and tried again still soap. But I said for get it we have to get them into the dryer because its still gonna take at least thirty minutes to dry. So 1:00am rolls around and $20 bucks later we are leaving the laundry mat. Talk about some money. And most would be shocked but we didn't even fight about whos fault it was. We just laughed and laughed. I was great.

So how was everybodys weekend. We stayed in KS. We rented movies all weekend and just stayed at the apartment and wathced them. It was fun. We got The Bee Movie (just okay), Nancy Drew(good),Sydeny White(good), August Rush(very good),Martin Child(not to bad), and we haven't watched it yet but I Could Never Be Your Women. Derek has three day weekends so that's why there is so many movies. We went to the mall also. We ordered in Dominos Pizza which I got a medium for 3.99 with a coupon. Talk about a great deal.Well this has been a long post. I think it's because Derek is taking up the tv with his ps2. Well have a good day.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

My wonderful husband came home with these the other day. And last night we went to Barnes and Noble and I got two books and a yummy caramel mocha frap. I was so happy. I have been wanting to get a couple and had been telling him and finally he took me. What a guy.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

72 degrees and hot. I'm ready for winter again. Just kidding I am loving the weather we are having. Last night I had to turn on my air conditioner. It was crazy. I have got spring fever. I am ready to start doing spring cleaning but I can't really do much in the apartment I have only lived in for a month and a half. Is that right? So what do you do? I am going to start exploring the area around the apartment and start going for walks. Just to get out and get some fresh air. Yesterday we sat at home and watched threw the sliding door these people fly kites across the road. They where like competition kites. Not your normal kid kite.

Hope everybody had a good weekend. I spent all day Saturday being sick in Tulsa shopping with Heather and Kylie. The boys went off and did their own thing. It was a long day but it was a good time and I made the best of it that I could. At least I hope. Sunday we went to church then that night went to Heather and Aaron's and watched High School Musical 1 and 2. Both very good movies. We bought them both. It's funny that it is a this generation movie and us oldies were watching it. Okay we ain't oldies but still. Any who I got to get to the dishes.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Okay I am back. I finally got Internet at the apartment. So lets see whats been going on. Derek went on two ice storms. We have got some things moved in the apartment. It looks like we are going to be here for awhile. So I am gong to try and do some decorating to make it look more like home. We are going to start working on our house to get it sold. It will be a load off of us once we don't have two payments. So other then that we have just been taking one day at a time.

Oh we did get to go to a concert last weekend. Kylie and Josh came up and went with us. It was a lot of fun. Good concert. I have some pictures I will try and post them sometime. Well I got to get packed and clean the house before Derek gets off. We get to go to Oklahoma this weekend. Hope everybody a has a wonderful weekend