Monday, December 19, 2011


So maybe I am a just homesick. Or emotional but either way I have never wanted to move back home as bad as I do right now! I have been getting real overwhelmed with not getting a break. Derek has been great at taking Tyler and me doing what ever I want to do. But I miss getting to also go out just the hubs and I. Is that selfish?  My mom and grandma came out in Oct and kept Tyler for the day for us. To go out for our anniversary. It was so refreshing to be able to go out to an 2 1/2 hour dinner and not have a restless kid.  We have only been out two times with out him since he was born. If I was back home I would have at least 5 different ones to watch Tyler for us. But we have nobody here.  I broke down last night and just cried. We can't do his Christmas shopping together because he is at that age where he knows. So one of us has got to go do it alone.  My mom is flying out in March so we can go to couples retreat and have someone to watch him. It would just be way easier if we lived by them.  Maybe I am being ridiculous I don't know.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Oh How I Love

Online shopping and free shipping.  I have did 96% of my shopping online and it has been fabulous! Not only is prices cheaper then in stores, you save on gas going to town. And save your sanity for not having to deal with thousands of other people and traffic. I think even if I had to pay shipping it would still be WAY worth it. Cause some stores my husband wants things from I would  rather not  go to. LOL(music stores where i know nothing about things and they look at my like I'm an idiot)  It has been awesome. I just have to go to one store for stocking stuff. I can live with that.  I have got all my shopping done for the most part. Just odds and ins for Tyler and Derek.  I can't wait till Christmas morning.  Tyler has been good since his unwrapping of one of his presents incident. Let's see if he will be gun shy at opening them on Christmas now.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's been awhile. We had a wonderful revival with the Shulers. So that is some reason for the lack of blogging.  Then Christmas decorating has kept me busy. Then a two and a half year old. LOL I am so thankful for my life. The lord has truly blessed me with a wonderful healthy family! We have also added a new member to the family. A 7 week week old Siberian Husky named Mishka. And well she is a handful. Derek and Tyler love her. I'm still not sure on my feeling about her.  We have also been taking in all the Christmas lights and parades we can get. And lots of hot chocolate and apple cider and movies. A side not Tyler is becoming a talking  machine. And I could sit and listen to him sing all the Christmas songs he has learned from watching a little drummer boy veggie tales!  Love Life!