Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Still Breathing!

Okay real quick. I am alive and breathing. Been busy visiting with all the family. What great times. We have played games and talked every night till in the morning. Well with that I am heading out to the New Year's party. Hope everyone has a good New Year.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

None Stop

That has been me. Gram and Pop came and picked me up on Thursday and I have been in Oklahoma since. We have been running around with our heads cut off, or so it seems. Trying to get our shopping done. Good news is I am done with shopping finally. I thought I was never going to get done. But I am. More good news. Derek will be home Tuesday night. I am so very happen. The thought of him not being here for Christmas was just to much. So I am so thankful. Well not much else is going on around here. Just counting down the days for Christmas as most are. So if I don't get a chance to get on before I want to wish everyone a very Merry CHRISTmas and a wonderful New Year! Try and keep warm with this freezing cold weather.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

the WORST thing ever!

My husband is going away and I will never see him again. I am going to be all alone on Christmas! Okay I don't know that for sure but with our luck that's how it will be. He got called out on ice storm today. He leaves tomorrow morning. I have been crying all morning. I hate it. It is a pattern already for him to be gone on a holiday and me by myself. Okay wow so I think I couldn't have complained more.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


That's right we have snow. And lots of it. It started snowing last night and hasn't stopped. So Derek is off yet again. He didn't work yesterday either because the temperature was 0 degrees with a negative 30 degree wind chill. So today we will be going out yet again in the cold and try for the second day to finish our shopping. Good thing is I got done shopping for him this weekend when we went to OK. Speaking of the weekend. It was really good. We went to the TobyMac concert and I would have to say that was the best concert I have been to. So if blogger would let me post some pictures I would. But right now it's not so maybe next time. Well it's about time to go out in the cold.

Friday, December 12, 2008

On The Road Again

Well when Derek gets off work. We are going to Oklahoma again. It has to be a record for the most times we have been home in a month. I love that we get to go home but absolutely hate the 5 1/2 hour drive every time. It is going to be another none stop weekend. Saturday we will be in Tulsa all day. And I have to try and start and finish my Christmas shopping for Derek. Then after shopping we are going to a concert. Which should be a blast. I have been looking forward to going to this concert for along time. We used to go to concerts every weekend or it seemed like it. But since we have been doing this job we haven't be able to. I think this will be the second this year. And the other was in March. So it is very far apart. I got a lot of packing to do to be ready for when Derek gets here for we can go. Remember us on the road. Last Friday night we almost hit a deer I am talking inches from it. It was only the Lord that keep it from being in our laps. Most of you may not know or really care but Kansas has some of the most biggest deer around. Well have a good weekend and stay warm!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


4 day weekend is that right?

Yes it is! So lets see if I can remember how it went. We got to Pryor at an early 1:30AM. We had to stop for Derek to take his test and yes he passed. Thank you to those that said a prayer for him. He also got to talk to his instructor about moving us somewhere else. It sounds like he will be trying his best to get us moved. So we have some hope. So back to Pryor. We got our things unloaded and into bed oh around 2:00am. As most of you know Derek goes to sleep in two seconds. As for me on a good night it takes me 2 1/2 hours to fall asleep. So why would that night have been any different. The last time I looked at the clock was 4am. And I had to be up no later then 6:30. So needless to say I started the weekend to a very bad start. We went to OKC and started Christmas shopping. Wait can I even say that being I only got one stocking stuffer? I did not find anything. Of course Heather goes in and gets everything as does ever year. Well after that the reason of going to OKC was to visit the OKC homeless shelter. It was a very good experience. After being there all evening we rushed back to Tulsa. To eat some much needed Zio's. It was so good. I think we may have to try and squeeze it in next weekend before for the concert Heather. Okay so that was just Saturday. Sunday we had church then that night we went to the Christmas train. The plan was to go to the train then drive up to Kansas after at 10pm. Well its a five hour drive and after the weekend just couldn't do it. So Derek called off on Monday. So Monday we slept in a little bit then set up our Christmas tree finialy. Had yummy buttermilk pancakes at Grams. Thank you again. And got on the road. We got to Kansas at 12am. It started to snow that night so when Derek went to work at 7 he was back to the room by 7:07. They weren't working because of the snow. So the 4th day off. We did start Christmas shopping. We got about half of it done. We walked in the freezing cold and looked at the little shop in the downtown area of this little town. Cold but good times. Well this is very long. If you made it threw im sorry if you are bored about my ramblings.

Friday, December 5, 2008


It could not have taken any slower to get here. But it's here. We head out tonight after Derek gets off to go to Oklahoma. Maybe it will be warmer there. But we have to stop off at Derek's apprentice instructors house for he can take another test. So please say a prayer that he'll pass. This weekend is going to be none stop. We have so much planned. I will be sure to take lots of pictures. We are going to the Christmas Train and if we can squeeze it in maybe Christmas lights. Well have a good weekend.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

to COLD for ME!

This is the only thing I have enjoyed out of this town.ha. This was the sunset the other night. The picture doesn't really show how pretty it really was. So we are now on the hunt for another apartment or rent house. It is costing us way to much to stay in a motel week after week. There is a lot in the papers. It is just finding one that is good enough to live in. It is scary when you are looking threw the paper at 2 to 3 bedroom house and the monthly rent is 349.00 a month. I can't even imagine what it is like. I am so scared to even go look at the house's. I have talked to a few people and they will do a month to month rent for us. So that is good. But I don't know. This will definitely be an adventure. So it has been snowing all day long. But it hasn't really added up. It is freezing cold here. I'm talking 19 degrees cold. I am all for cold weather but this is a bit much. Last night when we went to dinner I was so cold. I don't think I have ever been that cold in my life. I had a hoodie on and big coat and boots. Well that is about it for me.

13 things about December

1. I am a holiday flavors junkie. What do I mean. Anything and everything that is flavored pumpkin pie, candy cane or gingerbread. I got to have it.
2. I love snow. And I always look for the Christmas that I wake up and it is snowing.
3. Being with the family on cold winter days. Playing games till late in the night.
4. I have to go at least once to look at Christmas lights.
5. Christmas music is a must.
6. I hate going to any type of stores around this time. I get way stressed out.
7. I don't like to wrap presents. Nor am I good at it.
8. Every year I think back to all the past Christmas and think of all the memory's.
9. There is nothing like starting new traditions with the one you love.
10. I have learned you can't travel from Oklahoma to Colorado during this time. Well by road anyway.
11. It is finally cold enough to enjoy a hot cup of tea or latte. With out it making you to hot.
12. Family get together.
13. And of course all the food.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Okay i can't help myself

I love the scrapblog. So I thought this would be a good idea to do.

Monday, December 1, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..

Well Thanksgiving is now over. We ate, played games, laughed, ate, played games and laughed over and over again. Good times. Now we are back in Kansas in the freezing cold. The drive up last night it started to snow. I was so happy. In Oklahoma it was like summer time. We have now officially closed one chapter in the book of our lives. Living in Wichita. We are now free of the apartment. ah. Now if we could just be free of our house in Oklahoma.ha. Any who it's looking like Christmas. But I am in a pickle. I can not decide if we should set up our tree at the house. We are never there and I don't know if it is really worth it. But the thought of not doing it just seems to crazy. But will see.