Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tyler Proof And PICTURES!

Even though he is not crawling yet he still finds away to get around and into things. Oh boy am I gonna have my hands full. So this week I am trying to get things kid proof. I hadn't done it yet just for the fact that it wasn't needed. But it's time. I put it off because well I hate the plug covers and drawer locker things. It's a pain for me every time I want to use But it is better to have my baby safe. I say baby but he is hardly a baby anymore. He is 7 months old. I can not believe how fast he has grown. It makes me soooo sad. But at the same time the stage he is coming to is fun. He is full of personality. Also he is in the new stage if he don't know you very well he will scream and cry uncontrollably. Which is not fun! I hear house work calling me. And two post with a few days look at me go.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Recap Of Last Month!

I will give it a try anyways. So let me think what has happen. We are no longer in Larned, KS. We now have a place in Mcpherson, KS. The move was bitter sweet. We are closer to Oklahoma but Derek works 6 days a week. So we don't ever get to leave. But it's getting better with each day that passes. Derek is now on his last step in his training. We can see the finish line. And boy is it still far. He should be done by the end of summer I hope. So that will be great.

Moving on to Tyler. Where to start. He is rolling over. That's his way of moving right now. He will just roll across the room to get whatever he wants. Feb was a hard month on him. He was sick for most of it. Running a high fever for 3 weeks of it. Had RSV, another virus, and two ear infections. And to end the month on 2/25/10 he got his first tooth! He eats everything you will give him. And wants everything he can't have. He loves feeding himself cookies. I might be missing stuff. But that's why this post is a recap. I guess.

Other then that things are going good. Staying busy like always. And waiting for spring to get here.