Thursday, February 26, 2009

Still Sick!

Well I still have a stuffy nose and a cough. It isn't near as bad as the past few days had been. So praise the Lord for that. I hope to be over it by Saturday being I got lots of things to do. As for the "morning sickness" I think I made it over the hump. I have been taking my prenatal all week and haven't been sick. So just maybe I'm done with that stage for awhile. Now my only problem is an itchy stomach. It is driving my crazy. And nothing I am doing is helping it. Other then that things are going. Derek's working away but doing good. He already has nice tan from this warm weather and I couldn't be more jealous. We will be off to Oklahoma tomorrow. So have a great weekend.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Cold Bug Caught ME =(

Well I thought I was going to escape it but not so much luck. I woke up yesterday fine. Then in the afternoon it hit me. I must have sneezed 300 times threw out the day. So that lead me to believe that it was my allergies starting up early in the season. Then after dinner my throat started to kill me. Needless to say I was up all night long. I got a little bit of sleep after Derek went to work this morning. But now it's rough. The smallest coughing spell has me running to the bathroom because being pregnant you gag easy. And well I'm just ready for it to be over. So I hope and pray it wont hang out to long. With that I'm not able to get out and enjoy the warm weather. And I'm talking in the 70's warm.=( I guess there is always next time.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Very Productive

Boy was this weekend none stop. We got a lot of work done. We got in Friday and I cooked dinner then watched a movie and called it a night. Saturday we got up early went and got a tax's done. Then got to our house and the cleaning began. Got beds moved around. The guest room/office cleaned and almost all the way set up. Cleaned and emptied almost all of the baby's room out. I say almost because the big furniture Derek couldn't lift on his own so we will need to get help for that next weekend. But we are well on are way. I am happy we got a lot of that done. Of course my crazy husband starts saying all this stuff he wants to start working on. So I'm like okay that's fine. But he is wanting to start it next week, when we already have a hundred projects started but not yet complete. Awww. Men! So after talking we wont be starting anything else until what is started is complete. So lots of work was are weekend. Another good thing is I went all weekend sick free. I was even able to eat a little meat. But I didn't want to push my luck and over due it. But the thing is I stopped taking my prenatal because I have thought it might be causing me to be sick. So who knows. I am going to start taking it again this week and see what happens. If I get sick I'll know its from that and will be talking to my doctor next week at my appointment to get off of it and try something else I guess. That about wraps the weekend up. We are in Kansas Derek is working away and I hope to get out and enjoy the warm weather that they say we are going to be having. So Happy Monday!

Friday, February 20, 2009

It's Friday!

Well it couldn't have took any longer. I guess with this new run of sickness it makes the week drag. I don't know what I am going to do. Before I had warning that I need to head to the bathroom and real quick. Well there is no warning now. And well I will not go into details. But it becomes a huge mess. I know people say when in the mist of being pregnant they wont be doing it again and everyone says yes you will. I don't know if it will end up being true for this one. I truly understand why mom only had me. Because of her pregnancy being so bad. Now that I am being a crybaby I will move on. It's Friday weekend is here. In about two hours we will be on the road to Oklahoma. We are going to be doing are tax's. And since we have to get up early for that I hope to do some work on the house. I have got to get in gear. My mom will being coming out in less then a month to help do the nursery so I have to have the room ready. I also need to do spring cleaning on the whole house before she gets here. Lots and lots of work to do. Well I need to finish getting the room packed up and ready to go before Derek gets here. Have a safe and wonderful weekend!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Well we got absolutely nothing done this weekend like I had planned and hoped. But that's okay. We did have a nice weekend. We got in early Friday night so that was real nice. We watched Fireproof with Heather and Aaron and stood up past 1. Which these days its big for me to stay up that late. So with that Saturday I slept in. Derek got up ran to town to take care of somethings. I stood and did laundry and got ready. He had planned to go into Tulsa to Osaka for dinner. We did some shopping and had dinner. It was real good. Then we meet up with Heather and Aaron and did so more shopping at the mall. Then the big surprise came that night. We got back into town and he took me to the park. In which he told me to go sit down and wait for him. As he came up he had his guitar and handed me a rose and started to sing to me. It was so special. This was a first real valentines day we had spent together. Being all the others he was on storm gone. Or we lived in two different states. So what I guy. Sunday was a long day. We went to church and normally we leave to go to KS by 3 because of it being so far. But we had a special guest come and show us her mission trip to South Africa. So we stood for evening service. Then went out to dinner to visit. We got on the road around 8:00 that night and well its at least a five hour drive. So we got in to are room late. And to top it off I couldn't have been any sicker for the dive. I wont go into detail because it was not pretty. It has took me all today to try and recover from it. Okay if you made it threw all that rambling wow.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Thursday, February 12, 2009

171 Days To Go!

So who ever says it gets better in there second trimester lucky you. And not so lucky me. Because it has seemed to get worse for me. I am sicker now then I have been the past three months. Of course this doesn't shock me. My mom said she was sick all 9 months with me and lived off of crackers, sprite, and apples. So lucky me. I am just counting down the days till I get to hold my little one. I hope to start to clear out the baby's nursery this weekend if the weather is nice. It is going to be a big project because Derek's office is where the baby's room is going to be. And once we get it cleared out we are pulling up the carpet. And when I say we it will mainly be my poor husband. Being these days I spend my time on the bathroom floor sick. I will try and remember to take pictures step by step of the remodel. So other then being sick nothing has went on this week. Just a lot of staying in the room. Tomorrow should be the fun day in trying to get the room all packed up to go to OK.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Due Date/Weekend

I made it threw the weekend. Man was it a long one. I was only sick Saturday morning though which I was thankful for. I think I ran on six hours of sleep the whole weekend. So today I made up for that sleep. It was so nice. Convention was so wonderful. I am thankful everything worked out for we could be there. I also made it to my doctor appointment. Which well I didn't get the best news ever. I am Due August 2nd right in the heat of the summer. If you know me I don't do good with heat. So with that due date it makes me 14 weeks and 6 days. Which means I am not near as far along as I thought. Which makes it seem longer. But oh well nothing I can do about it. Everything else checked out good for the pregnancy thus far. Well other then that we are back in Kansas. Here is a pic of the baby. We got a bunch but I will just put up one. But I will scrapblog them all.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Long Night/ He's Coming HOME!

I am not starting the day off very good. Last night I got a total of maybe 3 1/2 hours of sleep. I was up every hour getting something to eat because I was hungry all night long. I had strawberry's, an apple, pineapple, crackers, pickle and 2 waters. I was so restless. And what is worse I couldn't sleep in this morning. I was up bright and early at 6. grr. I hope this isn't going to be a nightly thing. Because this girl needs sleep. Okay moving on. I get to see my husband. I am so so very happy. It is some what of a shock though. Because we both thought it was going to be weeks. But it's not. So now the fun begins. He is on the road now. I will be leaving around 4pm to go to Kansas today. We are going to try and time it for when I get there he will be there. Then we will either drive 5 more hours to Oklahoma late tonight. Or get up around 4am and drive in the morning. Because I have to be at the doctor at 8:30am on Friday. So it is going to be a rough. So please please be in prayer for me. When I wasn't pregnant I got real sick when I didn't get much sleep so I can't imagine being pregnant with no sleep. We also have District Convention on Saturday. Then will be driving back to Kansas on Sunday. So it is going to be none stop from 4pm today till Sunday night. So if I make it threw the weekend you will here from me Monday.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Fast Update

Well Derek is working away. There is no word on when he is coming home. Just that he is going to be gone a long time. So just remember him in your prayers. I am in Colorado still and will be till Derek gets home. I have been sick a lot here lately. I don't know if it is cause the added stress or what but it has been rough. Other then that I have had a good time visiting.