Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Boy

He is getting so smart. He is starting to talk more and the things he says has me in shock. Of course I am probably the only one that knows what he is saying because I am around him 24/7. But the other day I told him to stop he was going to hurt his self. He turned looked at me and said "I know momma" That kid is something else. I have been working with him on where is your eye's,nose,mouth,hands,feet and so on. He will show them all to you. When he is in the mood to anyway. He is also such a big helper. Anything I do he has to have a part in helping. It's so cute. I told Derek we are going to have to start giving that boy allowance. He helps take trash down. He picks up the room. He helps make his bed every night and in the mornings puts it up. He will wipe down the table and end table. He just loves to be involved and helping. He is growing up right in front of my eyes. I bought his stuff for his 2 year old birthday party already. I'm super excited for the theme. Although it was hard to swallow that  he is fixing to be TWO!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Next Town

Hugo,OK is the next town we will be going to. It is 20 minutes from Paris,TX. And around 2 1/2 hours from home! In doing all the pre moving researching it is an interesting town. It is known for all the circus people to live there. Scary and a bit werid right? And after a little thinking I remember watching a show on animal planet deadly attacks. And there was a crazy circus person who got killed in Hugo by his lions. No joke! They only have four motel/hotels there. And none are no names.(name brand you can say) They only have two known name eating places. Mc Donalds gag, and Sonic. One good thing is they have a walmart. Or so that's what my white page app tells me. We don't have a move date yet. Just the fact that we have another job after this one is up. Oh and the rumor being said is they will only be working 5 days a week! Yay

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

So Behind

I'm gonna hit the big stuff and try to speed you up to date. My mom and grandma come and picked us up. We spent 14 or so days in Colorado. Had a great time visiting family and friends! Tyler took up with everyone and had a great time getting spoiled. I also got to spend mothers day there with my mom for the first time in 6 years. We had a nice cook out. Also while there i bought all of Tyler's birthday stuff. (he will be two in 3 months!)I was out shopping and found the perfect theme. Then we had a 10 hour drive back to Texas. Now we are counting down the days till this job is up and we can move closer to home.