Wednesday, February 23, 2011

First Pet

So Tyler got his first pet over the weekend. His daddy was feeling very nice and offered to get him one. I was shocked! Because this guy doesn't do any pets. He is anti pets. But the little boy is breaking him down one step at a time.So here is Lenny.  Tyler loves him. He runs to the tank every morning when we get done brushing are teeth and we feed him together.  And then Tyler and daddy give him a snack before bed. Ha. He is going to be the fatty. Tyler has done really good to not hit the tank or stress the little guy out. He gets so excited. So all around everyone is happy with the new little addition.  I'm hope that we will be able to break daddy down and get a puppy this summer for Tyler's 2nd birthday. Tyler loves all animals. And gets so happy when he gets to see any. I think a zoo membership will be in order this year. And the petting zoo will be the main stop. We may have a zoologist on our hands.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Could It Be?

Spring is coming. We have had warm weather these past few days and the next week is looking to be warm to. Yesterday I got out my flip flops and capri's. Loved it. Now the the dreaded summer shopping for Tyler is coming.  The poor kid is gonna have a rough summer. It was 69 out and he had on his OU jersey, pants, and flip flops and was hot. He takes after his momma. So it looks like the job Derek is on will last another month. Then who knows. Texas is still on the table then there is Kansas. Now there has be talk of California. He has also got his resume done up so these next few days are gonna be apply, apply, apply. We are praying the lord will open the perfect door  for us.  So Tyler boy. He is a mess! We are having the hardest time keeping him clothed. He feels the need to strip down and run free. I had a friend over this past weekend and had to pre apologize for his behavior. Just in case it happen before I got to him. Like when he is playing in his bedroom and comes flying up the hall naked! AHHH that boy.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Round 2

Of cabin fever. We are having another blizzard. With just as much snow. But what makes it bad is we still had the snow from last week. lol But we are going to try and make the best out of it.We plan to go make a snowman. And maybe go sledding.  I'm really kicking myself about not going to the movie store last night=( I guess it's DVD series, movies, and hulu. I'm just thankful Derek is home with me this time. Poor Tyler is going crazy. I wish they had indoor play places here in town. He needs to run, jump, and play. He is a boy full of energy trapped in the house.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cabin Fever

Nothing like a good old blizzard. We got around 18 inches of snow in the last 24 hours. With 4-6 foot snow drifts. We are completely snowed in. And the worst part is Derek is off in another state working in this mess. With the flu I might add. Tyler is going crazy climbing walls. I am right there with him. We do not do good confined. Every turnpike was closed down yesterday and all of Tulsa was shut down. Crazy Okies don't do well with snow. Being from CO it is no big deal. And makes  me laugh.  I am ready for a vacation to somewhere warm and lots of outdoor activity's.