Monday, January 30, 2012

This and That

So running has taken a back burner since getting sick. I have been down for a week now. The week before that was the week long basketball tournament. So I have had no time. Then in the mist of all that I decided to get Tyler completely diaper free. Well I'm sad to say it still hasn't happen. The stinking kid will go all day long around the clock. But if I fail to set a timer he doesn't tell me and well the end result is him peeing on the floor.  Other then me being sick the rest of the family is doing good. Tyler has stayed healthy and so has Derek. We have had crazy spring like weather all month which has aloud us to play outside everyday and even get some trips to the park in and the lake to fish. I love being home. I have big plans to take random camping trips this summer to the lake. Day by day Tyler and Mishka are playing better and better. I  am so blessed with my two boys.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hit By A Bus

Or so that's how I feel. I started off walking three miles a day. Then somehow I got the bright idea to at least run 1 of the three miles and boy do I feel it in every lower part of my body.  I crawled out of bed today.  So I have a walking buddy on Mon, Thu,and Fri's. Which is a huge help. I went to the gym yesterday by myself for the first time. And it wasn't near as bad as I thought it would be. In fact I loved the alone time and look forward to next time.  I can't wait till I start seeing some results from it all.  I am having a hard time with the cravings of anything sweet:-/ But I haven't gave into temptation. I even was able to squeeze a piece of pizza into my calorie count and drank water with it for the first time. I have always been a firm believer of pizza and coke. But its those bad habits that got me to this place.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Healthier Me

No it's not a new year resolution. It's a I've been trying but not really the past few months. And now that the holidays have past it's time to get into gear! Since getting the dog we have went on walks everyday sometimes two a day. So that has been helping. I am now counting calories again. I am on a 1,044 calorie intake a day. And have been doing 30 sit ups this week a night and will increase that each week.  Also checked gym membership and will be budgeting that into the bills and see if we can make that happen. I would love to get into a Zumba class.  I have thrown all junk food out of my diet. But my husband is killing me on bringing stuff into the house. And his eating habits are beginning to gross me out. Especially knowing how many wasted calories he is putting into his body. lol My goal is top loss 35 pounds.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Heart Broken

Well for the first time since moving away from my family I have truly felt my heart break! Yes it was hard when I first moved. But I understood  and was okay with it.  I knew when we had Tyler things was gonna be hard being away from home. But never in my mind could I prepare myself for the day I faced yesterday.  I also wanted to be moved back home before I had kids. I didn't want them to grow up not getting to be around my parents. Well I soon realized that just could not happen. It has not been the lords will for it. And I am 100% at peace with it. But yesterday was rough.  My dad had come out to visit and he left to go back home yesterday. Well Tyler took to my dad so much. It surprised me in fact. It was Papa this and Papa that. Well all morning he knew something was going on. Then the good byes came. Tyler was crying Papa want to go. Getting his blanket and trying to get out the door to my dad. My dad broke down in tears. I seen his heart break to pieces as well.  So the door closed and all you could do is hear Tyler scream PAPA crying. It was awful. Because Tyler isn't old enough to understand. So after I got him calmed down I lost it.   This morning he woke up asking for Papa. Looking around the house for him. And whimpering all around the house. My heart aches.